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President instructs to develop the state programme “Digital Turkmenistan”

опубликованно 09.02.2018 // 1423 - просмотров

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov instructed the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan to develop the new state programme “Digital Turkmenistan” aimed at promoting the development of the information and communication technology and increasing the contribution of this sector into the GDP of the country, as well as reducing the ‘digital difference’ in the people’s everyday life in the regions, cities and villages.

This programme is designed to accelerate the transfer to the innovative rails of the national economy, increase employment in knowledge-based industries, introduce the advanced technologies in production, and transfer to the electronic document management and electronic identification system.

Turkmenistan has significant opportunities for the development of digital infrastructure using telemedicine, computer and telecommunication technologies through the additional electronic services to provide distance consultations and knowledge.


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