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Medical artifacts were detected on the middle ages monument in Mary velayat

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At the February 9 meeting of the government, Vice-premier B. Abdyeva, who oversees the sphere of culture, reported on new finds, discovered in Dandanakan fortress in Mary velayat. Archaeological research on this medieval monument, located 30 kilometers west of Mary city is conducted in the framework of work on studying the historical and cultural heritage of the Great Silk Road.

Last spring, a group of specialists and archaeologists of the National Directorate of Turkmenistan for the protection, study and restoration of historical and cultural monuments, state historical and cultural reserves "Ancient Merv" and "Old Serakhs" launched research.

Unique finds discovered on a large area in the south-eastern part of the fortress were the result of the autumn archaeological season. There were found a fortified wall of burnt bricks and several rooms and outside the fortress there was a water pipe and ceramic pipes built of burnt bricks.
In addition, during the archaeological excavations medieval structures of burnt bricks were found, differing from the usual residential buildings by the arrangement of rooms. In one of them, numerous fragments of glassware and preserved original glass vessels were found, as well as several small metal tools. The results of comparative laboratory studies allow us to state that these objects are medical instruments of medieval healers.

As it was reported, after carrying out the necessary restoration and conservation works, they will become priceless exhibits of the museums of our country. Currently, these artifacts are stored in the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Ancient Merv", where the primary conservation works are being conducted.

In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the finds of Dandanakan fortress are of great importance and shed light on the ancient history of our country, being evidence of the high culture of Turkmen, their contribution to the development of sciences and to the universal civilization. The work carried out by scientists and archaeologists in this direction should be appreciated at true value.


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