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The current issue of «National Army» magazine introduces the Armed Forces advance to readers

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It was published the current issue of the “Milli goşun” (“National Army”) magazine, edited by the Ministry of Defense for the purpose of patriotic upbringing of youth, as well as enabling servicemen to show their literary ability endowments in pages of the publication.

The magazine reflects the role of our gallant soldiers to strengthen security of the country according to Military doctrine, having strictly defensive character, introduces readers the advances in multiplication of combat effectiveness and modernization of the Motherland Armed Forces under the leadership of President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the country’s Armed Forces, General of the Army Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Among the publication authors are the many-years experienced owners of sonorous titles, recruits as well as professionals studying the military and its history in Turkmenistan. A wide range of knowledge allowed them to reveal vividly and detailed interesting facts from the past and present of the National army, illustrate its advances and high spirituality of the Fatherland valiant defenders.

In the result of radical reforms, carried out in Turkmenistan on initiative of the head of state, the Armed Forces, defending the cause of peace and tranquility in the country, have considerably strengthened the material-technical and personnel base. The growing power of the National army is provided by highly-qualified professionals with the latest technology and the most modern specialized equipment at their disposal.

This theme is reflected in the material about the military parade in honor of the 26th anniversary of the independence of our neutral state. The slender ranks of soldiers and officers, advanced military equipment are captured in reportage photographs, illustrating the author’s text, which analyses the recent trends in the development of the National army.

Along with other branches of troops, the Naval Forces’ potential gradually increases: modern ships are acquired and built by efforts of Turkmen specialists, designed for the protection of Maritime borders of our independent neutral Motherland, the level of combat and humanitarian training of military seamen increases. This is confirmed by the military-tactical demonstration.

Servicemen, drawing duty on the country’s sea borders, are devoted an article which emphasizes the officers’ and sailors’ contribution to a security of the Caspian Sea as the sea of friendship and harmony.

A variety of creative arrangements, sporting events and concerts, held with the participation of servicemen, are also reflected in the issue materials. The magazine provides information on the comprehensive training of recruits for military service, which affords them the opportunity to show capabilities in various areas.

Physical and spiritual development aspects of military institutions’ students are also touched, underlining their ability to perform the most complex tasks due to effective teaching methods.

The current issue of the publication presents materials of the military art history of the great Turkmen commanders who defended their homeland with valor. For readers, it will be also interesting to learn about the first military music orchestras that existed in the Seljuks’, Huns’ states, and their roles in the Turkmen military art history.

Publications on the country’s socio-economic life complement the issue. Taking as a basis the monumental work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Turkmenistan – the heart of the Great Silk Road”, one of authors narrates the history of this route and its modern incarnation through the development of transport infrastructure within the country and the region.


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