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Turkmenistan and Japan expand cooperation in the telecommunications and IT sector

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The Ministry of Communications and the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan have hosted meetings with a delegation from Japan’s Sony Corporation, led by General Manager Hajime Nakamura, whose current visit to our country aims to boost bilateral relations.

Fruitful long-term cooperation with this transnational company, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative electronics and other high-tech products, in the field of television, cinematography and digital communications networks was discussed during the 2013 official visit by President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov to Japan. After visiting the Corporation’s headquarters in Tokyo, the head of state highlighted our country’s interest in adopting best practices and establishing close business partnerships with world’s leading companies. Sony Corporation, whose innovative products (which are well ahead of their time) are the guarantee of quality and reliability, is indisputably one of them.

During the current meetings, the head of the delegation Hajime Nakamura recognized the immense potential and considerable progress in key sectors of rapidly-developing Turkmenistan’s economy, and expressed the willingness of Japan’s business circles to enhance trade-economic cooperation. The guest also stressed the Corporation’s particular interest in securing a stronger foothold in the Turkmen market with its business-favored conditions for foreign partners.

While discussing the main areas of cooperation determined by our country’s national development priorities, meeting attendees noted that attracting high-technology investment has today come to the fore in many sectors of the national economy. The Land of the Rising Sun is the world’s top player in the field, and its best practices are widely employed in Turkmenistan. A notable example is the joint projects, which are being implemented with Japanese partners in various sectors.

In the course of the meetings, presentations were given to introduce the Corporation’s latest technological products and solutions that will be much sought after in television and radio broadcasting, recording and transmission of international sporting competitions and other important national events, cinematography, digital communications networks and security systems. In this context, a set of proposals was put forward concerning participation in projects aimed to improve the national mass media and telecommunications systems.


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