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In Ovadandepe a glass factory is preparing for the opening

опубликованно 12.01.2018 // 1123 - просмотров

At a government meeting on January 12, Deputy Prime Minister Aidogdyev M. reported on the preparations for the commissioning of the glass plant "Türkmen aýna önümleri" in Ovadendape of the Akhal velayat erected within the framework of the state program on import substitution. The facility is equipped with the latest equipment and glass processing technology from the world's leading manufacturers and is focused on the production of various types of glass and a variety of transparent and colored glass bottles. In order to train highly qualified personnel in the field of glass production, Turkmen specialists have received appropriate training.

In this regard, the Head of the state noted that with the introduction into operation of modern industrial complexes equipped with advanced high-tech equipment, the national economy is significantly strengthened, including in such a promising direction as construction materials, the production of various glass products based on local raw materials. The opening of a new enterprise will allow satisfying the needs of the domestic market of the country in high-quality products of its own production.


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