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President of Turkmenistan Greets Participants of the III Extraordinary Congress of Agrarian Party

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I trust that his forum will be held at the high organizational level and will be very productive, becoming one of the remarkable events of the country’s social and political life this year that will celebrate the slogan “Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Road”, reads the address by the head of state.

Among leading industries, we place a special emphasis on comprehensive development of agriculture that is targeted for major investments, which ensures the dynamic enhancement of the country’s regions’ capacity in this field. Through integration of progressive achievements, advanced science and technology, best global practices, we modernize production capacities of the agricultural sector.

Conditions are created to improve farming efficiency, modern machinery is procured systematically. To increase crop productivity, mineral fertilizers and pest control chemicals are supplied to farmers at reduced prices. Mutual settlements with agricultural producers are conducted in time. All of these create incentives for highly effective work of our farmers and yielding abundant harvests”, states the message.

Under the new edition of the National Program of the President of Turkmenistan on Transformation of the Social and Living Conditions in Villages, Towns, Districts and District Centers for the Period up to 2020, social and cultural facilities are being built and commissioned in the provinces. Thanks to optimal conditions created by the state for effective work of private producers, their share in the agrarian sector increases year after year. Significant achievements in all areas of public life further consolidate our society, building on its confidence in the better future.

The Agrarian Party of Turkmenistan conducts significant work to create awareness of the country’s domestic and foreign policy. Representing with dignity the interests of the people in State and local self-government bodies, participating in elections and referendums, the Party has built credibility with the people”, stresses the address.

Under the Program for Socio-Economic Development of the Country for 2018-2024, problems of integrated reform of the agrarian sphere will be resolved. Transformations will include forming a strong production, social and engineering infrastructure that will ensure sustainable economic growth and generate employment. Non-state and mixed sectors will facilitate scientific development in the industry. Innovation, latest advances in science and technology, exemplary management and marketing methods will be applied widely.

At the same time, exporting high-quality food products, manufactured as a result of improving the original, indigenous agricultural and livestock-breeding technology, to international markets will help revive the Great Silk Road that embodies peace, friendship, stability, good-neighborliness and prosperity. I trust that the activists of the Agrarian Party of Turkmenistan will contribute their enthusiasm and constructive work to completion of these tasks”, highlights President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his address.


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