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7,000-plus schoolchildren to spend their winter holidays in Geokdere health centers

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Today, an impressive ceremony has been held in front of the Palace of Children and Youth to open a winter holiday season for school-aged children, who then left for one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Turkmenistan, Geokdere, which is home to ten-plus modern health centers.

The area in front of the capital’s Palace of Children and Youth has now transformed into a miniature fairy-tale town with a lavishly decorated New Year tree and one more important symbol of this year’s New Year festivities – the loyal friend and protector Alabai dog since 2018 is the year of the Dog according to the Chinese calendar. Ayazbaba (Grandfather Frost), Garpamyk (Snow Maiden), and other much-loved fairy-tale characters also took part in the going-away ceremony. Together with children, who attend hobby groups at the Palace, they had prepared an exciting musical program that turned into a spectacular New Year celebration.

Lively dances around the New Year tree, cheerful songs and fast-paced dances added to the festive atmosphere. Some time later, a procession of festively decorated buses departed for the health resorts in Geokdere.

In the picturesque Kopetdag foothills, amid magnificent ravines covered with junipers, the children are going to enjoy a specially prepared program with educational and entertaining activities, contests, concerts, including performances by popular performing groups.

The pure and fresh mountain air and keep-fit exercises in the health centers’ sports complexes will be highly beneficial to the children’s health. Fascinating excursions to the scenic surrounding areas, lessons in computer classrooms, and activities in hobby groups will help to expand their knowledge.

Along with 14 children’s health centers in Geokdere (which are to provide excellent accommodation for 7,000-plus school-aged children), five new health centers have opened their doors to children in the regions.

During the winter holidays, children in all parts of Turkmenistan will have the opportunity to enjoy an activity-filled cultural and entertainment program, which includes theatrical performances, events attended by performing artists, and sporting competitions.


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