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UIET’s New Year's charity act

опубликованно 31.12.2017 // 1091 - просмотров

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan carried out the charity act in honour of the New Year.

Celebratory gifts from UIET were handed to mothers of large families, disabled persons of different age categories, children-orphans, elderly persons of nursing homes and pensioners aged above 80.

Volunteers visited houses and specialised establishments of the capital and velayats of the country, having distributed over 25 thousand units of gifts in the amount of over 800 thousand manats.

Charity – an integral part of centuries-old Turkmen culture which has received a new impulse for development in the present period. Adoption of the Law on charities in 2017, which has made the care of people who need the attention, shown by the organisations and private persons, much more productively, can serve a good example for it.


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