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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulates the compatriots on New Year

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2017, the Year of Health and Inspiration that was filled with remarkable events is coming to the end. Saying goodbye to 2017, the year of successes and big achievements, we welcome the year of 2018 with big hopes and good wishes, - congratulation message of the Head of the State says. According to Chinese calendar 2018 is the year of dog, which has always been faithful friend, home and pet defender of Turkmen people. Our people say - The happiness is where the dog found the shelter.

The image of Vepaly the alabay was selected as a symbol of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. As our ancestors used to say, the year of dog is characterized by plenty of rains, generous harvest and wealth.

Lot of work has been done for the sake of people and the country in the past year. Many new facilities have been built. Railway and automobile bridges Turkmenabat – Farab across Amudarya River, Garlyk Ore Dressing Complex for production of potassium fertilizers have been built in Lebap Velayat. In addition, new sport in Avaza National Tourist zone, new houses of Tyaze Zaman living estate in Ruhabat etrap of the capital, cottage village in Ashgabat, complex of buildings of new Municipal Services Institute. Centre of Endocrinology and Surgery of the Main Directorate of International Medical Centres have been opened.

Modern schools and kindergartens, living houses, roads and other facilities have been built and put into operation in all regions of the country. Foundation of new plants and factories, number of social and cultural facilities, which are to improve life level of the population, have been laid, - the message mentioned.

We started the construction of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas line two years ago, which would be laid along the route of the Great Silk Road. For all countries participating in this realization, the project will support the solution of noted only economic but also topical social issues.

Big changes have been made in agrarian sector this year as well. Great success was achieved in creation of food abundance and provision of food security.

Big input of non-governmental sector of the economy to the development of the country is worth special attention. Showing the skills in all branches, the entrepreneurs work with the great enthusiasm and achieve great successes. Health protection, sports, science and education spheres were brought to new level.

We attach greatest attention t modernization of educational system. We build new modern secondary comprehensive and specialized schools, high educational institutes, pre-school facilities, health and entertainment centres. We systematically improve their equipment and facilities base. We will continue making the most favourable conditions for our youth, who our future belongs to, will be able to study, develop, work and bring the authority of the country to higher levels.

Today, the sustainable development and prosperity of the state mainly depend on developed sciences. Therefore, we will always pay great attention to rapid development of scientific sphere, implementation of high technologies and improvement of the efficiency of innovative practice.

Large-scale work aimed at the development of physical training and sport of high achievement has been carried out in 2017. V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which were bright example of huge attention our independent state pays to the development of mass physical health improving movement and sport, have been successfully held in the Olympic village of the capital.

In the beginning of the year, we adopted the Concept of Foreign Policy Course of Neutral Turkmenistan in 2017 – 2023, which stipulates the consolidation of the role of our independent state in the world, expansion of beneficial cooperation with other countries and international organizations.

Our sovereign state will continue moving forward heading the course of positive neutrality and peace-loving. The adoption of the Resolution on declaration of December 12 as International Neutrality Day by the United Nations General Assembly entirely proved total recognition of the constructiveness of our policy.

Broad and comprehensive cooperation with the United Nations Organizations was and remains to be strategic course of international activity of our neutral state. At present time, our independent country is the member of eight commissions, committees and councils of the United Nations. Turkmenistan was elected five times as the Vice-chairman of the General Assembly. Turkmenistan was the chairing country of the Energy Charter Conference in the last year. All of these indicate steadfast growth of international authority and efficiency of foreign policy of our neutral state, - the message says.

Being committed to the traditions of our people, we discuss all important issues with the elders and people, having their advice. We outlined the main vectors of the development of our state for the next seven years at the session of the Council of the Elders held in Ahal Velayat this year, having approved the Programme of social and economic development of the country in 2018 – 2024.

Large work was done in 2017 for the development of national culture, protection and popularization of our spiritual heritage. Ashgabat successfully hosted the Week of Culture, which programme turned into real celebration of art, national culture and its ancient heritage, what undoubtedly filled all of us with the senses of joy and pride. In 2018, we will organize the Week of Culture in Ahal Velayat.

Recently, the UNESCO included the art of kushtdepdy dance and singing into the List of non-material cultural values what became another fact of the world significance of the values of Turkmen culture and art.

The New Year, which we widely celebrate, undoubtedly will be the year of creative work and great achievements. We chose the slogan for 2018 – “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road”. Our country restores the Great Silk Road in the third millennium and makes big contribution to the development and consolidation of political, trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian relations in international arena building new roads and railways, seaports and bridges.

In the next year, we will hold the first session of Halk Maslahaty (People’s Council). We will discuss important things at the session, during which we will outline specific ways for further development of our country, provision of peaceful, happy and wealthy life of people and conditions for creative work of the citizens.

Salary wages, pensions and state allowances as well as students scholarships will be increased 10 percent from January 1 for the improvement of life of the population and its social protection. This policy will be continued in the future.

New Year 2018 has come! Let it be the year of happiness, prosperity and great success for our sovereign Motherland! I wish you String health, family happiness, prosperity and wealth in New Year! My dear compatriots, I wish you Happy New Year 2018! - congratulation message of the Head of the State says.


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