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Important achievements of 2017 are highlighted at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

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President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held final yearly session of the Cabinet of Ministers. During the session, the President of Turkmenistan made short summary of the work of the year.

The Head of the State noted that there is a serious crisis in global policy continued at present. Despite positive forecasts of International Monetary Fund on the growth of the GDP in 2017 – 2018, the growth rates of the economy in some countries remains very low.

As a result, taking into consideration the processes, we have managed to make big work for provision of timely realization of adopted programmes and for prevention of the reduction of life level of our people, the Head of the State said. Turkmenistan, being one of the largest producer of gas, has managed to adapt to complex external conditions including to the reduction of price on oil and gas and reduction of economic activity of trade partners.

In this regard, we have taken some measures in the last two years, the President continued, having mentioned that the volumes of the Government investments were cut, foreign currency exchange rate was reduced and utility payments were raised. Besides, the works on the development of production base were activated, large-scale programmes for the increment of natural gas production, construction of new pipelines and further development of petrochemical industry were adopted. Many works for production and processing of hydrocarbon and other mineral resources, especially for support of non-government sector of the economy and entrepreneurship have been planned, the Head of the State noted.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that as a result of taken measures 6.5 percent of growth rate of the GDP is expected. It is worth mentioning that our success are supported by the policy of industrialization aimed at the increment of volumes of gas export and credit policy expanded in the country, increment of import substitutive production and development of export. Thus, the deficit of the State Budget is kept at the lowest level, Turkmen leader said.

The Head of the country stated that exchange rate of Turkmen manat, according to the forecast, would remain stable, approximately on 6 percent level of inflation. It is expected that the balance of the revenue and expenditure of the State Budget will be kept on the same level as all the plans and state programmes planned for 2017 have been fulfilled. Balanced State Budget has been adopted for the next year, salaries, pensions and state allowance have been increased by 10 percent. We do not have any problems with salary payments.

The President noted that 52 sessions of the Cabinet of Ministers, 17 sessions of the State Security Council as well as 42 other different government level sessions have been held in this year. Summing up the outcomes of international activity in this year, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that Governement delegation of our country has made 8 foreign visits. 20 visits of the Heads of foreign states and governments were made to Turkmenistan.

Number of meetings of the President of Turkmenistan with official representatives of foreign states and international structures including government officials on ministry level, heads of international and regional organizations and diplomatic missions accredited in our country as well as with the leaders of international corporations and companies were held in 2017.

The Head of the State highlighted that the declaration of December 12 as International Neutrality Day by the United Nations General Assembly, adoption of the Resolution on Strengthening of the links between all modes of transport to achieve the goals of Sustainable development, entering of singing art and kushtdepdi dance to the UNESCO List of non-material cultural heritage are big success of Turkmen diplomacy in this year.

In addition, our country was elected as the Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference and International Fund for Saving of Aral Sea in 2017 – 2019 and participated in 20 events of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that these facts are the evidence of the efficiency of cooperation of our neutral states under international organizations.

The President of the country noted that complex issues of political, economic and social character have been reviewed at the sessions of the Cabinet of Ministers and State Security Council and during the visits and meetings on international level, which resulted in relative decisions and signing of the documents taking into account neutral and legal status of our country. All of these as well as coordinated, fruitful and targeted work and support of the people gave positive results that guaranteed the success in economy and foreign policy.

The delegation of IMF that recently visited Turkmenistan gave positive evaluation of the work in this direction, having confirmed the validity of decisions in economic sphere and the way forward, the Head of the State said. As a result, despite difficult conditions, we have managed to do a lot of work and to achieve considerable results and solve topical issues in this year, the President of Turkmenistan continued.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that construction of the Olympic village has been completed this year. V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which preparation gave string impulse to the development of sports in our country, have been held on high organizational level. Our sport masters have won 776 medals, where 253 gold, 239 silver and 284 bronze medals, in all international tournaments in this year.

The Head of Turkmenistan also stated the completion of construction of the potassium fertilizers plant, opening of railway and automobile bridges across Amudarya River and other facilities in Lebap Velayat. We are pleased that more than 2 million of square meters of living houses, numerous schools and kindergartens, health protection facilities as well as hotels in Avaza National tourist zone have been built, the Head of the State said.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued that at present time, 1660 facilities to total amount of 43 billion US dollars are under construction. Thus, Turkmenistan has made and continue making large contribution to the consolidation of peace and sustainable development in the region, to the creation of the atmosphere of good neighbourliness and cooperation.

Generally, despite the numerous negative and positive conditions of political and economic character and difficulties for all countries, we expect high rates of the GDP growth, namely 6.5 percent. Summing up the outcomes of the last year, it can be stated with the confidence that despite all difficulties, 2017 was one of the best years for people and the country, the President of Turkmenistan highlighted.

Continuing his speech, the Head of the State reminded the participants of the session that number of important events are expected in the next year. It includes the election to the People’s Council, World Powerlifting Championship and international rally as well as the start of the construction of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India international gas line.

The basis of democracy that were laid thousands years ago by our ancestors are filled with new content in our days, stipulating the elections of the leaders in maximum transparent environment by free will of every citizen what is reflected both in our traditions and legislation as well. Therefore, the elections in all regions of the country have to be held on high organizational level in compliance with all standards, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stated.

Speaking of coming World Powerlifting Championship and international rally, the Head of the State noted that it is not the first time for Turkmenistan to host such grandiose sport events. Thus, they need to be held on high organizational level as V Asian Games were held.

Having focused on the construction of TAPI international gas line, Turkmen leader highlighted that many companies expressed their interest to invest to this project. The President of the country said that provision of high quality of works in strict compliance with the schedule would increase the number of potential investors.

The Head of the State touched upon the issues of organization of duties and work of relative structures providing the living activity of cities and villages. It is necessary to arrange unstoppable and proper work of all municipal communal services, electrical and water supply, medical facilities, passenger transport and shops as well as to provide the public order all around the country, the Head of the State said.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has dwelt on the symbol of the coming year 2018, the Year of dog by Chinese calendar and Vepaly the alabay for us.

The astrologists thinks of the dog as wise, fair and thoughtful animal noting its loyalty and friendliness. In this regard, the Head of the State said that coming year would be more stable and harmonic comparing with this year. As we all know, the alabay is loyal and fair companion of the human who is always ready to protect those who need help. If the troubles come, it is able to withstand strong enemy and pay the dues to scoundrels, slackers and frauds.

In addition, they have very restless character, owing to which they protect peaceful life around the year being always fair and loyal. Following this and being targeted to its primordial traditions, we can think that the next year will be favourable to us. Although these animals are not used to change the life style, however they will like the improvements, the Head of the State said.

These astrologic characteristics allows hoping that new year will be the year of prosperity bringing the success to committed and hardworking people who will be always respected and honoured. These animals make us happier and better, they are modest and noble what is expressed in their rejection to pursue the glory.

The next year will be the year of triumph of friendship and sincerity. Even in our relations with the rivals, we have to remain strong and committed to our primordial principles, especially that the next year is characterized by the ability to withstand any subterfuge and to act without any mistakes and creative approach to any matter will multiply our confidence that all roads will be opened for us and unimaginable discoveries will be made and large projects will be realized. Hardworking and energetic people who do what they like will get everything they want.

President said that there will not be any issues with people’s health in new year, havig noted that it would be necessary to quit bad habits and as a result there would not be the need to pay for such poison as tobacco and alcohol.

We have to be committed to good relations with people in the next year as before. This are such relations that will protect us from bad intents of any intruder. And yet, you have Vepaly next to you, who look at the noble people with goodness. And the nobility is inherent to those who seeks for spiritual perfectness and tries to do good things and live in peace and friendship.

We have to follow these principles in order to New Year bring us happiness, love and prosperity, the Head of the State continued, having said that we should not do evil and treat people with trust and be focused and wise in life situations.

As it was noted by the Head of the State, the symbol of the next year, the dog, is a home pet. In 2018, we have to pay special tribute to family values, home hearth, to spend more time with family and to support and help the relatives. The dogs have a keen sense of justice, the Head of the State noted, and the commitment to life is strong where the justice rules what allows to achieve many things improving the hopes for new changes and opening new perspectives, success and the triumph of justice and truth in the world.

Having noted that it became good tradition to give the slogan for every year that helps us to advance confidently to set targets, the Head of the State reminded that we chose the slogan “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road” and approved the emblem of 2018.

Finishing the session of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President of Turkmenistan cordially congratulated everybody on coming New Year, having wished string health, family happiness and success in work.


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