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Artyk in Kaakhka etrap celebrates opening of a new Health House

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The opening ceremony of a newly-built facility has turned into a great and joyous celebration with music, songs, a beautifully decorated New Year’s tree standing in front of it, and Ayazbaba (Grandfather Frost) and Garpamyk (Snow Maiden), wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Performing groups gave a big concert to mark the occasion. Among those attending the event were multiple residents of the settlement and guests – representatives of velayat and etrap khyakimliks, public organizations, elders, and health care workers. The best builders received valuable gifts at the opening ceremony.

The new medical center is tooled with innovative equipment from world’s top manufacturers and houses offices of family doctors and subspecialists, including an obstetrician, a dentist, and others. It boasts a treatment room, a vaccination room, a physiotherapeutic room, a laboratory, a DOTS room, a day patient facility, etc.

Not only do family doctors have traditional instruments and medicines, there is also portable medical diagnostic equipment at their disposal. Likewise other medical institutions across the country, reproductive health protection and maternity and childcare receive special emphasis in rural health centers. Special efforts are being made to improve health facilities of the Maternity and Childcare Service and to provide it with state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical equipment. The antenatal care department of the new Health House has adopted new methods for assessing health and treating reproductive system problems in women of child-bearing age, providing healthcare to pregnant women and preparing them for normal delivery.

The dentist’s office has all necessary equipment, including an X-ray machine, manufactured by Slovak company, Slovadent, and prosthodontics equipment.

The physiotherapeutic room has an inhalation therapy apparatus from Italian company CA-MI S.r.l., and Ultra Viol ultraviolet lamps (Poland).

The high-tech equipment allows treating diseases of upper respiratory tract, skin and the skeletal system.

The laboratory is provided with a binocular microscope from Cypress Diagnostics (Belgium), analytical medical equipment, and Almedicus glucometers (Republic of Korea).

The event participants highlighted that the healthcare sector had become one of the fastest-developing industries in our country thanks to the effectiveness of the Saglyk (Health) State Program. Opening ceremony speakers expressed their gratitude to the Turkmen leader for the countrywide construction of modern specialized diagnostic and treatment centers, hospitals, health resorts, promotion of healthy lifestyle principles, and care of healthy physical and spiritual development of the younger generation.

As reported earlier, yesterday, the settlement of Dushak hosted a grand opening of the specialized disease prevention complex. Opened in Kaakhka etrap, the modern medical center will expand Turkmenistan’s extensive rural healthcare system.


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