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Specialized medical complex is opened in Kaahka etrap under national transformation programme

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Ceremonial opening of specialized medical complex for prevention of diseases built under the realization of National programme on transformation of social and living conditions of villages, settlements and towns until 2020 was held in Dushak Settlement of Kaahka etrap.

Leaders of local administration, honoured elders, personnel of health protection system, representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media, local residents took part in the opening ceremony of medical centre. Deputies of the Mejlis also came to congratulate the local residents on the opening of the centre.

Representative of the Mejlis Committee on Legislation and its Standards Serdar Berdimuhamedov spoke to the participants and highlighted that the level of development of social health protection is one of the main indicators of life quality of the population, efficiency of state model and social policy. This sphere contains the main principles that give human dimension and valuable contents to the government activity that is defined by the concept “health of people – wealth of the country”.

Undoubtedly, the condition of the health of the population is directly related to its working capability and makes effect on economic activity of the state. However, the basis of care of Head of Turkmen State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov contains not only rational national economy targets but also first, the provision of integral and immutable right of every individual on health, modern medical service and equal availability for all levels of the population for quality medical aid.

The humanitarian orientation of Health Programme was widely opened in modern epoch when the issues of health protection of the population stopped to be related to medical sphere only and entered the category of social, state and personal priorities, having enveloped all sides and vectors of social and economic development that has a human being, its wealth and deserving life as a main priority.

The participants who spoke on behalf of their colleagues highlighted that making of the conditions for training of qualified personnel for the branch, permanent improvement of professional level of medical specialists, who have modern technologies and equipment, became the key factor of the entry of national health protection to the level meeting the world achievements. The efficiency of systematic measures on prevention and control of infectious diseases was affirmed by specific indicators, which were recognized and highly appreciated by international community including by the World Health Organization. At the same time, great attention is paid to the development of the medicine in rural areas.

Public representatives also noted in their speeches the input of the Mejlis deputies in supporting of the reforms and solution of social issues on sites, which is indicated by the opening of new medical centre in Dushak settlement. The establishment of such facility required the energy and commitment of Serdar Berdimuhamedov who represents the interests of the residents of the 24th electoral district of Ahal Velayat in the Parliament.

The participants highlighted that the opening of this diagnostic medical facility is socially important event as previously, rural resident had to go to the capital for medical checks spending time and money for it. In addition to the construction and provision of the clinic, the personnel provision was also resolved what improved the availability of high quality medical service for the population.

Celebration event was continued by the presenting of the gifts on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan to the personnel distinguished during the construction of the clinic. Under loud applauses, the symbolical ribbon at the main entrance was cut.

The participants of the ceremony entered the main building and looked around the conditions made for the work of personnel and reception of the patients.

The project was done by Suhrab Individual Enterprise by the work order of the Department of General Construction of Ahal Velayat. The clinic is designed for 375 patients and has all capabilities for high-level specialized medical service to the population of Ahal Velayat and Ashgabat.

The main building for 110 patients has reanimation, surgery, reception diagnostic departments, laboratories and disease prevention department for 55 patients. There are canteen and laundry as well. Besides, there are three two-stored buildings of children and other departments and administration block. It has technical facilities like garage, transformation and cable shops and disinfection facility. 14 kilometres of water pipelines, 7.5 kilometres of power lines and necessary engineering and communication networks were laid for the life support of the clinic.

Specialized diseases prevention medical complex is provided with technical and medical equipment and consumables made in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, USA.

For example, the department of radiation diagnostics has all the condition for accurate diagnose by magnetic resonance imager. The advantages of such method is in total harmless for the patient. The department makes wide spectrum of medical tests and has all conditions for maximum comfort of the patients.

Number of diseases can be diagnosed using MRI. These are various inflammation processes and tumours, problems of circulatory and nervous systems, spinal cord and joint diseases and other. In most of the cases, this method allows not only detecting the pathology but also to find its nature and hence, prescribing correct treatment. It will also allow improving the medical check of the population of the velayat and detecting the diseases at the earliest stages.

The laboratory of the clinic makes general, immune-enzyme, biochemical, seriological, parasitological, bacterioscopic and molecular genetic assays. The blood bank with all the conditions for preparation of blood plasma, blood cell mass, verification of blood type and Rh-factor are stipulated in the laboratory.

Reanimation and anaesthesiology department has all capability for immediate care and treatment of the patients. Surgery rooms, consultancy and diagnostic departments and in-patient rooms have state-of-the-art equipment. By the way, it also has a classroom for the children receiving treatment in the clinic. I addition to the desks, visual learning aids and materials, there are netbooks with learning software, which can be learned with the help of teachers. The netbooks are the present of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

There is 24/7 pharmacy of the territory of the centre. New clinic has ambulance service with specialized transport.

The doctors of medical centre in Dushak Settlement again expressed sincere gratitude to the Head of the State for excellent present on New Year and conveyed the wishes of strong health, longevity and success in his work for the sake of Turkmen people.

Large work was carried out and continue to be implemented in the village under the development of family medicine and initial medical protection. Hundreds of new health houses were built in the regions of the country and all of them were provided with modern equipment meeting international standards and allowing making fast diagnose and having timely treatment and thus, creating the conditions for saving of life of the patients.

Therefore, the reform of rural health protection lead by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov brings real results. These are the expansion and modernization of equipment and facilities base of the system, improvement of the scale of preventive works, maximum availability of professional medical services on sites, personnel provision of rural medical facilities.

Modern organization of medical services to the rural population is going on under integrated national and regional programmes taking into account the features of the development of certain velayat for more efficient use of its resources in strategic directions of the state development.

Thus, the Programme of the President of Turkmenistan on transformation of social and living conditions of settlements, villages and towns until 2020, which realization used huge financial funds, is to solve the issue of provision of balanced development of rural areas, activation of human factor and economic growth, improvement of living conditions of the citizens including young specialist and families, provision of the settlements with social and engineering infrastructure facilities, particularly the development of the network of education and medical facilities.

The strategy of the Head of the State in this field is based upon the attraction of all sectors of the state administration to the formation of health environment for life activity of human being. Special attention is to be paid to the strengthening of human health throughout his or her life, to the achievement of social equality in the accessibility to high technology medical services and to the improvement of the potential of public health protection. This also stipulates better rights and opportunities than before concerning the responsibility for own health and health of people around.


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