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Election commissions are set up in the run up to the elections

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Massive efforts are currently being made to establish election commissions in constituencies and gengeshliks in the run-up to the election of Mejlis deputies, members of velayat, etrap, city Khalk Maslakhaty and Gengesh, scheduled for March 25, 2018 in compliance with the Election Code.

In line with international rules, political parties, public organizations and citizens’ action groups organize meetings to nominate their representatives (most of whom are specialists in different sectors of the national economy) to the election commissions. At the meetings speakers inform in detail about the nominated candidates, who are held in high respect, their professional competence and managerial abilities. As highlighted, special responsibility is placed on the election commissions, whose well-coordinated activities are highly instrumental in the successful conduct of the upcoming important socio-political event.

240 constituencies (with 40 constituencies in each region and the city of Ashgabat) have been formed in the run-up to the elections of velayat Khalk Maslakhaty members.

For the elections of etrap and city Khalk Maslakhaty members, 1,260 constituencies (with 20 constituencies in each etrap and city) have been formed across the country: 180 – in Akhal velayat; 260 – in Balkan velayat; 220 – in Dashoguz velayat; 220 – in Lebap velayat; 260 – in Mary velayt; 120 – in Ashgabat. The constituency boundaries have also been established.

The meeting participants have highlighted that the upcoming elections will be highly competitive, transparent and open, and will stand as another clear testament to Turkmenistan’s commitment to its democratic development and to the successful implementation of the progressive reforms in all spheres of state life and society.


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