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Fish industry of Turkmenistan is increasing production indicators

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In order to maintain food abundance in the domestic market of the country, stable provision of the population with fish products, as well as conservation and reproduction of fish resources, appropriate steps are being taken to strengthen the material and technical base of this industry.

Currently, cleaning and repair work on artificial reservoirs of the state enterprise "Akhalbalyk", located in the etraps of Altyn Asyr (610.9 hectares) and Ak Bugdai (737.4 hectares), and in the Oguzkhan etrap of the Mary velayat (76 hectares) is underway at full speed. By this time, these activities have been completed at sites with a total area of 831 hectares.

Particular attention in the industry is paid to ensuring high-quality plant food for farmed fish. For this purpose, fields with a total area of 70 hectares are planted with alfalfa and barley on the territory of the fishery in Altyn Asyr etrap.

This year, high results have been achieved in obtaining larvae from fish caviar in hatcheries for the cultivation of healthy young fish, including such fishes as carp, snakehead and silver carp.

Retail outlets located in the velayat centers and etraps, where live fish is delivered by specialized motor vehicles provide realization of fish products to the population.

For 11 months of the current year, 1300 tons of fresh fish and processed products have been sold to domestic customers, including over 500 tons to relevant food industry enterprises.


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