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Ahmet Atajanov – a Grand Prix winner of the Pop Contest “Star of the year 2017”

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Metropolitan Congress Palace hosted a final of the Youth Music Contest “Ýylyň parlak ýyldyzy-2017” (“Star of the year-2017”), which was attended by talented artists from all corners of Turkmenistan. Winners of the creative competition were determined due to the numerous TV audience and radio listeners who voted for their favorite artist, as well as the competent jury, which includes national music masters and cultural figures.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture, State Committee for Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography, as well as the Central Council of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan.

For many years, the “Star of the year” Contest is a platform for encouraging the professional growth of performers and promoting the country’s musical art. During the qualifying round among hundreds of talented amateurs and experienced singers from all the etraps, villages, cities and valayats, the organizers have chosen the most deserving.

In the second stage, young artists have an opportunity to perform in musical programs on “Türkmen owazy” TV channel, where the audience determine the best one by popular vote via SMS.

In the final, the talented performers demonstrated their vocal potentialities on the stage of the Congress Palace. The festively decorated hall gathered workers of culture and masters of arts of Turkmenistan – artists, singers, composers, poets and musicians. Here are winners of such competitions of the previous years. This evening, all of them were both the spectators and the jury, and each vote could be decisive in choosing the best pop vocalist of 2017.

Under the competition terms, participants are obliged to perform two songs, one of which is without musical accompaniment. Onstage, the songs, known and beloved of much, were performed in an original manner, and the rivalry proceeded in an atmosphere of creative benevolence, which imparted the particular uniqueness to this traditional competition on the eve of the New Year.

After each nominee’s performance, the jury shared their impressions and gave advices to contestants, and expressed a professional opinion.

In the end, there was a counting of votes. Winner of the creative marathon and the Grand Prix owner of the “Star of the year 2017” Contest is Ahmet Atajanov.

First place was taken by Azat Donmezov, the second place – Leili Okdirova, and Dovlet Amanlykov completed a quartet of the best pop performers of the year.


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