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The tour of Russian circus artists in Ashgabat

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Festive shows will continue the New Year’s events that started in the Turkmen capital. Among them is the traditional tour of the circus artists from the Russian Federation, organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, which started on December 17.

The programme is named "Salute, Laureates!" as the professionals, masters of their craft present the performance. Among them are the holders of high awards of the international and all-Russian contests of the circus art. According to the artistic director of the programme, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Ananyev, each artist is unique, and intend to please the audience with the exciting festive show.

Each programme event is remarkable by the variety of genres, including spectacular aerial acrobatics and gymnastics on belts, fascinating equilibristics, juggling, cycling, clownade, animal acts, etc.

The star turn of the programme is the exotic animals of Marina Rudenko. The brave female tamer has managed to unite leopards, crocodiles and pythons.

Grazhyna Zabukayte appears on the arena with funny and intelligent trained dogs. The circus interpretation of the famous children's fairy tale "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats" lifts the mood of the spectators.

Undoubtedly, the acrobatic ensemble "Rusichi" and the acrobats-eccentrics "Rescuers" under the direction of Honoured Artist of Russia Igor Mayorov set the tone of the programme. The aerial gymnasts demonstrate the flexibility and fearlessness in the extreme show under the dome of the circus.

Power juggler Sergey Zhbanov, who plays heavy weights like light balls, entertains the audience with the miracles of dexterity and athleticism.

The clown duet - Alexander Ananyev and Alexander Brilliantov steer up the audience with merry reprises and tricks. Another popular clown, who has repeatedly appeared on the arena of the Turkmen circus, and emcees the festive show this time - Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Starikov helps them to entertain the spectators.

The programme harmoniously combines the centuries-old traditions of this complete magic and wonders of the art with the original innovations of the modern circus performance.

The colorful show of foreign guests as the part of the tour in Ashgabat is a wonderful gift to Turkmen spectators and especially children during the winter school holidays.

Moreover, this cultural action will give a new impetus to widening the humanitarian dialogue.

The festive programme of famous artists from Russia is held on the arena of the State Circus of Turkmenistan from December 17 to January 14.


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