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Celebration concert dedicated to International Neutrality Day takes place

опубликованно 12.12.2017 // 1148 - просмотров

The leaders of the Mejlis, members of the Government, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in our country, ambassadors of Turkmenistan to foreign countries, representatives of ministries and departments, scientific institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, mass media, creative intelligentsia, elders and students gathered in the Mukams Palace.

Celebration programme of the concert was opened by the performance of Dokmaçylar folk ensemble with music and dance composition dedicated to modern Turkmenistan.

The audience awarded the performance of young violin band Mukam with the storm of applauses. The composition of Lacyn ensemble reflected the inspiration and creativeness of new epoch and policy of good neighbourliness and large-scale reforms by refined choreographic language.

The history and modernity merged in kushtdepdy dance performed by united folk band. The ancient ritual dance that received the second birth in our days was recently included to the UNESCO Representative List of non-material cultural heritage.

The song performed by all participants of the concert and dedicated to the place of peace and friendship – independent neutral Turkmenistan that rapidly rises to new heights of progress was the bright accord of celebration event.


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