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XII Forum of Arts and Science Intellectuals of the Commonwealth of Independent States

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XII Forum of Arts and Science Intellectuals of the Commonwealth of Independent States with the participation of Turkmenistan delegation together with the representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia has started in Russian capital.

Speaking at the Summit of the Heads of the CIS in Sochi in October of this year, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov called upon the enhancement of mutual trust and initiated the development of the action programme of on consolidation of good neighbour relations. The outcomes of the forums resulted in the decision of Turkmenistan co-chairmanship of the CIS in 2018.

Making the proposal on activation of the dialog, the Head of the State also direct national cultural and scientific sphere to the expansion of international cooperation as humanitarian channel of diplomacy. Current forum in Moscow is dedicated to this.

Official greeting ceremony and discussions on the main subject of the meeting – “The Role of Humanitarian Cooperation in Consolidation and Support of Family Values and Traditions in the CIS”, have been forestalled by art exhibition. Its exposition included the works of young painters and sculptors who took part in art projects supported by Interstate Fund of Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS in 2017.

There is Maksat Nurmetov, the student of Turkmenistan State Art Academy among them. His two sculptural compositions were on the central place of the exhibition and were presented to numerous visitors by People’s Artist of Russia, Academic of Russian Arts Academy, Professor, Doctor of Art Sciences Alexander Burganov.

He is the founder and director Moscow State Museum “Burganov’s House” and the organizer of the project “Symposium of the CIS Art University Students”. For nine years, the project became the laboratory for successful cooperation of the leading masters of visual arts and beginning artists. Every year, Turkmenistan State Arts Academy developing international dialog under its educational programme sends its representatives to the symposium

Alexander Nikolayevich told that the purpose of the project is aimed at the encouragement of original features of national culture in the formation of bright artistic individuality and to support the protection of the unique heritage of different nations and their spiritual roots in modern art. All of these will serve to the wealth, variety and abundance of artistic life and the more treasures of national heritage is brought into this, the more wealthy and interesting it will be.

The works of young Turkmen sculptor attracted the attention by the feelings expressed in lyrical images of two girls and by plastic language that resemble the melodiousness of classic Oriental literature. It is hard to say how the artists convey the poetic lyricism in their works however, the sculptures of Maksat Nurmatov remind of the poems by Magtumguly about Mengly and refer to the motifs of romantic Turkmen legends and destans.

Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russian Federation Olga Golodets welcomed the participants and the guest at the plenary session of the Forum. She also conveyed the greeting message of President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who noted that the main subjects of current meeting are dedicated to the role of humanitarian cooperation in consolidation of the family institute. This is the family where the atmosphere forming the personality and the world outlook are formed and the values are laid.

The representatives of the Commonwealth countries discussed the subjects of the agenda of the Forum in close family circle. Board Chairman of Interstate Fund of Humanitarian Cooperation, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Republic to Russian Federation Polad Bulbul Ogly, Board Co-chairman of IFHC, Special Representative of the President of Russian Federation on International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoy, famous public figures, representatives of culture, science and education of the CIS countries took part in the discussions.

The speeches clearly expressed the idea that the world breakthrough projects can be created based on the respect of common pages of history, humanitarian dialog and understanding and unification based on traditional spiritual values can be strong alternative to that levelling globalization that brings separation and estrangement.

What is the tradition? This is the handover of the experience and cultural codes and this is what make the society stronger and family is some kind of the code of survival of humanity. Herein lies the deep relation of two concepts – the culture and the family, what was talked about during the Forum.

There were different opinions on this subject. Social experts and scientists studying the demography, arts scientists, teachers and government representatives made speeches about this matter. The subjects of the state support of family institute and social responsibility of cultural personnel and mass media, the role of creative art, theatre and cinema in upbringing of young generation and creating of deserving future have ben highlighted as well as the initiatives for support of further activation of integration processes in the CIS have been proposed.

Award ceremony of the winners of “Stars of the Commonwealth” Interstate Award took place during the forum. There were such famous masters as Russian choreographer Yuri Grigorovych and Moldavian composer Eugene Doga among them. These people do not need any introduction and today, our goal is to discover more celebrates of that scale and new names glorifying the culture of all CIS countries around the world to appear. It requires cultural exchanges in order for us to know better each other. It is important to involve the capabilities of radio and TV so the audience know the culture and arts on neighbouring countries.

Armenian city Goris was presented at the Forum as cultural capital of the CIS in 2018. The members of Turkmen delegation including the representatives of the State Arts Academy, Turkmen National Conservatory, the State Library of the State Cultural Centre, the Museum of Visual Arts, central mass media – TV and newspapers, also took part in the meetings where national practice in organization of scientific, tutorial and popularization work was reviewed.

The Forum will be continued on the next day on discussion grounds on the subjects “Cooperation of the CIS Countries in Education and Science”, “Toward the Year of Culture in the CIS” and “Support of Future Generations of the CIS countries”. The plans of joint events, different aspects of further humanitarian cooperation, mutual enrichment of the cultures, the development of professional relations, consolidation of understanding and collaboration between the national of the Commonwealth states will be discussed.


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