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Skyrunning Cup Tournament of Turkmenistan summed up

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The country’s Skyrunning Cup Tournament finished in Ashgabat. The final round of the tournament, which determined the winners of 2017, was a race on the Health Path in the discipline Sky Race, organized by the Mountaineering Club “Agama” under the auspices of the State Sports Committee, and held on the occasion of the International Day of Neutrality and the International Day of Mountains. Yazgeldy Odeniyazov in the men’s group and Nadziya Kostova in the women’s group became the Cup winners.

The race route ran on the Path section from the Chandybil Avenue to the TV and Radio Broadcasting Center “Turkmenistan”. Athletes were to overcome more than 18 kilometers with an overall vertical climb height of about 1320 meters.

Having started early in the morning, sky runners rushed towards the checkpoint at the starting station of the capital’s cable car. The competition leader Yazgeldy Odeniyazov, who left other competitors far behind, and third in the overall standings Arslan Annamamedov were first to finish.

On the distance section to the next intermediate point, which has many climbs and descents, Yazgeldy increased the lead to two minutes. The most difficult was the final section of the distance. Ten kilometers of running across a rough terrain with a climb range up to five hundred meters is not an easy trial, for which it is important to retain energy.

Having shown an excellent time (1 hour 55 minutes 17 seconds), Ya.Odeniyazov had bettered his personal record at this distance by more than a minute. Arslan Annamamedov was over 10 minutes behind the winner. Maxim Yunev finished third, being only 22 seconds ahead of his closest opponent.

The final balance in the Cup standings was formed according to the points scored in four stages. It was for the first time in three seasons that Yazgeldy Odeniyazov won all races. And there was a tough competition for other positions on the podium. The second place in the final allowed Arslan Annamamedov to become a silver medalist in the overall standings with an advantage of four points. Two-time Cup holder Alekper Ahmedov was third in the 2017 tournament rating.

In a women’s group Vladlena Omelchenko was the best with a finish time 3 hours 17 minutes 22 seconds, having won the bronze medal in the overall standings. Debutante of the present tournament Nartach Mammedova, who was 14 minutes behind the winner, took second place. Nadziya Kostova (3:34:52) closed the top three. However, successful performances and the sum of points scoured during the year allowed her to become the winner of the Skyrunning Turkmenistan in the women’s group. Guzel Atayeva, who fell out of the race and could not retain leadership, took second place.

The country’s Skyrunning Cup is a multistage tournament. This year the results of four races have been included in the overall standings of these competitions. The season was opened by the Sky discipline to Dushakerikdag (2482 meters) in March. It was followed in May by the Vertical discipline to the Arlan Mountain (1881 meters) at the Big Balkhan, and in September to Harlasang (1643 meters).


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