On behalf of the head of state - prize-winners-sportsmen of 3 international championships were presented with gifts | TDH

On behalf of the head of state - prize-winners-sportsmen of 3 international championships were presented with gifts

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In the conference hall of the capital National Institute of Sports and Tourism the ceremony in honour of prize-winners of international tournaments which passed in early December, took place. On behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the sportsmen who gained successful results on the world arena, special gifts were handed.

Representatives of some profile departments of the State Committee for Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sports high school, including its students, teachers, and also trainers took part in the solemn action.

The gathered warmly congratulated athletes on the high awards won at prestigious competitions. As was underlined, their achievements - the evidence of success of the policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in sports.

Among the awarded - winners of three large international tournaments: the world championship in weightlifting (Anaheim, USA), the world championship in kurash (Istanbul, Turkey) and VII International games of martial arts (Minsk, Belarus).

(Jerk, push, combined) in the weight category under 77 kg three silver awards were won by the champion of the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games Rejepbay Rejepov. Christina Shermetova in the weight category under 53 kg won "silver" in the combined event and two "bronze" in jerk and push events. It is necessary to notice that the awards won by Christina, became the first for all time of participation of the female weightlifters of the national team in the world championships.

In the world kurash championship in Turkey our fighters won at once nine medals. Today winners of "silver" - Dayancha Omirov, Shamuhammet Kurbanov and bronze prize-winners - Marat Orazov, Erkin Omurzakov, Begench Baltaev, Hudayberdi Jumaev, Zarina Saparova, Mehriban Kurbanova, Gulshat Nasyrova.

Warm words and congratulations also were addressed to the Turkmen athletes who have ascended the podium of VII International games of martial arts, held in the capital of Belarus. They are winner of games Goshanyaz Durdyev and bronze prize-winners - Mahri Agaeva, Orazmyrat Charyev and Gaygysyz Atabaev. In the given tournament sportsmen have won all medals in taekwondo (ITF).


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