Specialized review of industrial and technologic innovations is opened in Ashgabat | TDH

Specialized review of industrial and technologic innovations is opened in Ashgabat

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International exhibition of the production technologies of import substitutive goods organized by the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan started its work in Ashgabat. Specialized review initiated by the Head of the State is to demonstrate the achievements and perspectives of national economy in the context of the strategy of import substitution as well as innovative developments of foreign manufacturers of industrial equipment.

The reviews of the achievements of national economy always attract the attention of the representatives of foreign business circles by the opportunity to consolidate trade and economic relations with our country that has huge resource and investment potential.

The requirements and demands of internal market in various high quality good of local production, which do not yield to foreign analogues, became very current. The state programmes for formation of innovative production infrastructure and increase of production of competitive goods implemented in Turkmenistan are aimed at the solution of these objectives. Owing to integrated government support of domestic producers, new enterprises for production of building materials, textile items, house-hold chemical items, furniture, food, etc. are opened all around the country.

Numerous universal and profile economic reviews held in Turkmenistan and national expositions organized overseas represent wide spectrum of the production made in the country, which have international quality and environment safety certificates.

Demonstration of modern equipment and machines, measuring and control devices and laboratory instruments from the leading world manufacturers together with various ready-made production of Turkmen manufacturers is distinguishing feature of current review dedicated to the subjects of multi aspect partnership in import substitution.

More than 70 exhibitors – the Government and private structure of Turkmenistan, number of companies from Europe and Asia present their potential and capabilities. Big delegation of the leaders and specialists of more than 30 Turkish companies was represented by international exhibition company Safuar from friendly country.

The members of the Government, leaders of the ministries and departments, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Turkmenistan, non-government organizations, domestic and foreign business, mass media took part in the opening ceremony of large exposition expanded in the exhibition hall of the Trade and Industrial Chamber.

The exhibition presents wide spectrum of production made at the enterprises of textile branch, agricultural complex and fishery, chemical industry, construction materials and health protection sphere.

High quality Turkmen textile and original carpets are demonstrated at the displays of the Ministry of Textile Industry. The variety of soft furniture and bedroom sets are displayed at the exhibition pavilion of Çigildem company. The stand of Abadanhaly OSC introduces new technological and stylistic trends in production of carpet items. Household items and children toys made of the polypropylene of local production are represented in big variety by Türkmen şöhle business entity.

The development of advanced technologies using natural gas is demonstrated by the displays of DerýaPlastik and Penaly ýol companies, which produce wide spectrum of items including plastic pipes and ceramic furniture for bathrooms.

The exhibition stand of Ýelken business entity is a bright example of fruitful cooperation with foreign partners in production and assembly of household equipment and industrial refrigerators for catering companies.

The biggest section of readymade food products is represented by local enterprises of the private sector of national economy.

The achievements of local pharmacology industry are also widely presented. The displays of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry demonstrates the production under its supervision that produce medicines and medicinal infusions, mineral waters, bandage materials.

The stands of foreign participants of the exhibition introduce the samples of machines and plant tools, range of innovative powers involved in different production spheres including in agriculture, metallurgy, construction and building materials industry, transport, furniture and other actively developing spheres.

Thus, the Fund of Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation made a proposal on the establishment of the partnership in delivery of packing material for wide spectrum of bulk and liquid products as well as in the sphere of fuel monitoring for the vehicles. The stand of Voljanin enterprise presented technological solutions in welding.

One of the biggest German companies Klihgspor Sp. Z.O.O. offers the set of industrial polishing equipment, new items and instruments from different materials for polishing of the surfaces.

Famous USA company Inductotherm represented at the exhibition by profile Turkish companies is specialized in the development and manufacturing of induction smelting equipment for the metallurgy.

Foreign manufacturers taking into account the requirements of rapidly growing Turkmen market prepared some proposals and solutions in the process of packing of ready-made products as well as in the equipment for production of various packing including Doi-Packs for liquid products and multilayer flexible items.

Thus, international exhibition of production technologies of import substitutive production were the efficient ground for the demonstration of the potential of domestic manufacturers and perspective of Turkmen market for the attraction of the investments and consolidation of productive cooperation in this sphere.

The presentations and business meetings, during which the aspects of activation of trade and economic cooperation as well as the perspectives of the establishment of joint ventures have been discussed, were held under the review.

The exposition will continue its work until December 4 inclusively.


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