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State Program for Research on Historical and Cultural Monuments Developed

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The State Program for 2018-2021 to Conduct Research and Archaeological Excavations to Study Historical and Cultural Monuments Located in Turkmenistan along the Great Silk Road was developed in Turkmenistan. This has been reported at the Government session by Vice Premier S.Toylyyev supervising science and education.

He has stated that this work is aimed at creating an integrated system to study historical and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people based on archaeological, ethnographic, historical and literary findings.

According to the Vice Premier, the State Program aims at developing international academic links and intensifying cooperation with foreign research centers.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has approved the presented Program and stressed the importance of archaeological surveys in developing the science of history and discovering new pages of our glorious chronicles that go back thousands of years.

The head of state also stressed the significance of developing a systematic approach to studying monuments of Turkmenistan’s history; their protection as an integral part of cultural heritage of the humanity and unique source of valuable information; introducing results of field research into science.

“We need to renew the methods of professional training of specialists; museum activity and advocacy through introducing advanced computer technology, developing modern information and reference systems, databases, internet resources that would allow imparting a wide international format to the process”, said the head of state.


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