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10th Volume of Selected Essays by Head of State Published

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Yet another, 10th volume of selected essays by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, “Towards New Heights of Progress”, has been published in Turkmen and Russian. The book was prepared for publication by the Archive of the President of Turkmenistan and contains approximately 100 works by the head of state, including keynote addresses, articles, interviews and welcoming addresses of 2016 in chronological order.

The book begins with a comprehensive foreword, “Bold and Steadfast March of the Country Towards Creation”, that presents facts and statistical data to demonstrate the process of improving the state system; intensifying the social and political life in Turkmenistan; growing economic power; improving the welfare of the people; spiritual transformations in the society; and achievements in the foreign policy.

Essays contained in the 10th volume of the book reflect the work of government and regulatory authorities; the progress in democratization of state, party and social structures; and promotion of the principles of people’s authority. The book introduces the reader to the process of improving the political system of the society; strengthening the economic potential of the country; ensuring social protection of the people; transformation of towns and villages.

Materials highlighting ideological issues hold a special place in the book. New approaches to assessment of the role of spiritual values in development of the nation served as a basis for identifying the basic categories of ideology of the President of the country. They are patriotism, humanism, justice, morals, respects for unique customs and traditions, adherence to universal principles of integrity, conscience, honor and healthy lifestyle.

The new publication reveals not only the depth and innovative spirit of reform ideas, but also the progressive focus and humanistic nature of the political course of the head of Turkmenistan.

The key role in improving the laws regulating the nation’s policy in various spheres belongs to the Constitution of Turkmenistan as the political and legal basis for establishment, development and consolidation of the national statehood. Adoption of the new edition of the country’s fundamental law by the National Parliament on 14 September 2016 became a landmark event. The importance and timeliness of the constitutional reform allowed creating conditions for comprehensive modernization of the national legal and regulatory framework with regard to current reality.

The book also contains speeches by the President of Turkmenistan on successful realization of the economic policy aimed at sustainable innovative development of industrial sectors; reaching and maintaining the high level of competitiveness of the national economy. This volume provides concrete facts and figures that give a clear understanding of the strong infrastructure created in the country’s fuel and energy complex and agriculture, transport and transit and other producing sectors.

The readers are also presented the materials on the social policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov that is aimed at creating the best environment for human development.

Spiritual enrichment of the nation and enhancing its moral potential has been and remains a vital aspect of the policy of the President of Turkmenistan. Consequently, the book provides a detailed study of issues related to improvement of the national educational system and science and bringing them to the level of compliance with international standards.

Strengthening ideological and moral foundations of our democratic, law-based, secular state is inseparable from the active involvement of the society in strengthening the country’s social and economic might. This has a positive impact on the harmonious personal development where a spiritual and moral world and system of ideals are of crucial importance.

The 21st century is called a century of science. In the book, the readers may find information on Turkmen science and introduction of its advances into production, and also materials on training of highly qualified scientists in the country. The book contains interesting information on the bloom of national culture, theater, music and art.

Part of the information in the book reflects the success of the foreign policy based on firm commitment to the principles of neutrality, peacefulness, good-neighborliness, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation.

For the Turkmen society, development of friendship and multi-faceted cooperation with all nations, mutual respect for the cultures, customs and traditions is an integral, essential part of the national identity. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov consistently advocates the expansion and deepening of the positive international collaboration in developing balanced solutions to the important problems of our time; in implementing regional and interregional programs under the aegis of the leading global structures, and primarily the UN.

The materials contained in the book provide well-grounded evidence that today our country is developing and growing, reaching new heights in its social and economic development.

The book is concluded with a brief photo report of the most important events of 2016. It has a reference guide; the annexes contain indexes of names and geographical locations and a list of acronyms. This book targets a wide range of readers; it has been printed at the Printing Center of the State Publishing Service of Turkmenistan and is of highest printing quality. Currently, the English edition is being prepared for publication.


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