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Gala concert in Dashoguz completed the Culture Days of Uzbekistan

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The Dashoguz velayat’s administrative center hosted the closing ceremony of Culture Days of Uzbekistan in our country. The conclusion of the creative action was a joint gala concert of Turkmen and Uzbek artists in the State Music and Drama Theatre named after N. Andalib.

In the days of the creative forum, our guests presented a diversified assortment of Uzbek art. On stage of the Mukams Palace and “Watan” Concert Center, there were performances of famous musicians and singers, popular choreographic group.

Uzbek photographers’ works reflected rich theme. The photographs’ subjects are original customs and traditions of Uzbek people, unique beauty of nature, monuments of history and culture, modern architecture. The exhibition also displayed a series of photographic portraits, conveying the personalities of the most different characters, their emotions and mood.

Amateurs of cinematic art familiarized with the artistic and journalistic film “Avicenna” – the work, directed by Shohrat Makhmudov, presented his view on a fate of the medieval scientist, philosopher and physician, importance of his heritage is in the context of modernity. In Dashoguz, also it was held a screening of “Dadam betob” (“My Father is Ill”), directed and written by Zulfikar Musakov. A thrilling and memorable film that came out at the beginning of the current year, is penetrated with humanistic ideas. It grabs by the depth of the raised problems, created images – vivid human characters and optimism.

Intensification of cooperation in the field of interpretation was one of topics of the meeting of the creative workshop representatives of the friendly countries, held in the State Library of the State Cultural Center. In this regard, Uzbek writer Kurambai Matrizaev, known in our country to his translations of Turkmen poets’ and prose writers’ works, shared plans with his colleagues. For achievements in study, expansion and promotion of Makhtumkuli Fragi’s heritage, as well as for personal contribution to the development of bilateral relations in scientific and cultural-humanitarian sphere, in the year of the classic poet’s 290th anniversary, Kurambai Matrizaev picked up the “Magtymguly Pyragy” award, which he received personally from President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

During the meeting, creative intelligentsia representatives of the two countries also exchanged views on issues of expanding the inter-state dialogue in the sphere of culture.

The meaningful program, prepared by the Turkmen part, included a visit of the Uzbek delegation to historical sites, museums and sightseeing attractions of Ashgabat and Dashoguz.

At the closing ceremony of Culture Days of Uzbekistan in Turkmenistan, it was emphasized that this creative action is an efficient guide of the great and ancient civilizations, serves as consolidation of the traditional friendship ties between the two nations with a long-standing history of fraternal relations.

The ceremony participants expressed appreciation to the heads of both states for the working capability of forum, destined to strengthen and enrich the time-honored spiritual ties of the two peoples by the new content.

The friendship concert program made up old and modern tunes and songs, choreographic and folk songs.

A fascinated audience listened to an extract from the Gerogly destan. A special part of national spiritual heritage contained bakhshi-musicians’ tunes, executed today. The popular Turkmen vocalists performed modern pop songs.

The spectators were captivated by Laureate of numerous international competitions, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Jenisbek Piyazov’ vocal talent and style of playing classics.

Audience applauded skill of the virtuoso musician – People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Abduhoshim Ismoilov and the friendly country’s ensemble of musicians. “Nowruz” dance group showed the audience the artistry in performing Uzbek dance, and a color of the deep-original culture was reflected in executions of folk singers. Pop singers caused a storm of bright emotions, each show was accompanied by dancers, acquiring the imagery and expressiveness.

It is noteworthy that our guests prepared a few songs in Turkmen as a gift. At the end of the friendship festival, the artists banded together in the Turkmen dance kushtdepdi. As a powerful final accord of the Culture Days of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Turkmenistan it was performed the “Friendship Song”, chorused by all concert participants.


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