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Peace-making potential of neutrality and preventive diplomacy: The initiatives of Turkmenistan in action

published 26.11.2017

The growth and consolidation of international authority owing to peace-loving course of the Leader of the Nation, his initiatives and concrete actions for peace, security and progress are one of undisputable factors of dynamic development of Turkmenistan. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Resolution on the Role of the UN Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, co-authored by 57 countries, the members of the Community of the Nations, during the 55th plenary session on November 17, 2017. Draft Resolution, which review was placed as the 65th item of the agenda named Peace Building and Protection of Peace, was proposed by Turkmenistan and received the support of the UN states members that became its co-authors.

Unanimous adoption of this important d...


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